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Master Class

Room A(608) Room B(607) Room C(606) Room D(605) Room E(101) Room F(102)
MC 1Yoichi Distillery MC 2Highland Park Distillery MC 3Auchentoshan Distillery MC 4Duncan Taylor MC 5Kilchoman Distillery MC 6Jura Distillery
MC 7Chichibu Distillery MC 8anCnoc MC 9Yamazaki Distillery MC 10The Society MC 11Arran Distillery  
MC 12Tomatin Distillery MC 13Hakushu Distillery MC 14Chocolate & Whisky MC 15BenRiach Distillery MC 16Springbank Distillery MC 17Brewdog Brewery(Paradox)
MC 1 / Yoichi Distillery SOLD OUT 11:15 ~ 12:15 Room A (608) "Wa" - Japanese Single Malt Whisky YOICHI Mr. Tetsuji Hisamitsu, Chief Blender of Nikka Whisky Nikka Whisky’s Yoichi Distillery was established in 1934 by the founder Masataka Taketsuru, who chose the land of Yoichi, Hokkaido, as the "ideal site for making whisky." While introducing various types of Yoichi-born whisky and the reigning Single Malt "Yoichi," Mr. Hisamitsu wishes to discuss with the participants about "the charm and the characteristics of Japanese single malt whisky." This Master Class will provide you with a chance to encounter the quintessence of Yoichi.
MC 2 / Highland Park Distillery SOLD OUT 11:15 ~ 12:15 Room B (607) Explore the history of Highland Park through valuable casks Mr. Mamoru Tsuchiya, a whisky commentator, together with Highland Park Global Ambassador Mr. Jerry Tosh Mr. Jerry Tosh, who releases distillery-exclusive bottles each year and Mr. Mamoru Tsuchiya who has released a bottle exclusive to Japan last year will focus on distillery-exclusive bottles of Highland Park and explain the concept behind the production and the way raw malts are selected as well as the distinct characteristics of Highland Park through lectures and discussions. At the tasting session you will also be able to try the official bottles of the distillery while enjoying the fascination of Highland Park in different decades from '60s through '90s.
MC 3 / Auchentoshan Distillery 11:15 ~ 12:15 Room C (606) Stylishly reborn: The Auchentoshan Iain McCallum Senior Blender Auchentoshan is a very noble distillery amongst the lowland malts.
Continuing the now-traditional but once groundbreaking triple distillation production method, we are now relaunching the Auchentoshan range.
We will introduce you to the world of Auchentoshan through tasting a range of expressions, including Classic, 12yo, Three Woods and the 18yo.
MC 4 / Duncan Taylor SOLD OUT 11:15 ~ 12:15 Room D (605) The new Peerless Euan Shand & Mark Watt Huntly's dynamic duo, Euan Shand and Mark Watt, offer you a tour of the best of Duncan Taylor, including a sneak preview of the new, improved Peerless range of 40yo+ single malts. You'll also be hearing the latest news and developments from the exciting Huntly Distillery project.
MC 5 / Kilchoman Distillery SOLD OUT 11:15 ~ 12:15 Room E (101) Islay's first new distillery for 124 years. Anthony Wills Learn all about Islay's first new distillery in 124 years from founder Anthony Wills. With the very first 3yo Single Malt due for release later in 2009, these are exciting times at the Kilchoman Distillery. Hear about what lies ahead this year, whilst sampling expressions of the newest "Spirit of Islay. "
MC 6 / Jura Distillery (2hours) SOLD OUT 11:15 ~ 13:15 Room F (102) A journey to Jura with Richard Paterson Richard Paterson Not a masterclass but a mega-class as Master Blender and part-time whisky author Richard Paterson leads you on a journey to the Isle of Jura. Enjoy the range of Jura single malts, plus specially-prepared Jura cocktails in a relaxed, bar-like atmosphere, whilst Richard entertains you with tales from the warehouse and blending room and introduces samples of some new limited-edition Jura bottlings.
Guess the age of a very special sample and be in with a chance to win a 10-litre cask of Jura Single Malt.
At the request of the producers, the room for these 2 Masterclasses has been set up to create a relaxed, authentic bar environment.
Please be aware this means that the majority of participants will be standing.
(This class is 2 hours in duration; exit and re-entry to the class are possible for ticketholders. Each participant is given 6 Jura Vouchers, which can be redeeemed either at the Jura Bar or for samples of the limited bottlings).
MC 7 / Chichibu Distillery SOLD OUT 13:30 ~ 14:30 Room A (608) Challenges in setting up a new distillery and making whisky: Chichibu Distillery Ichiro Akuto from Venture Whisky Ltd. Mr. Ichiro Akuto, producer of "Ichiro’s Malt", talks about the newest Japanese distillery: "Chichibu".
He explains about Chichibu Distillery's concept regarding ingredients, the whisky making process and casks, looking 10 years into the future.
This Masterclass includes lots of episodes from the beginning of the distillery through to recent happenings.
MC 8 / anCnoc 13:30 ~ 14:30 Room B (607) "One of Scotland's best kept secrets..." anCnocMr. Stuart R. Harvey Take a journey with Stuart Harvey, and discover a fine Single Malt Whisky that will have you reaching for more. Stuart, the anCnoc master blender,will uncover a range of anCnoc expressions, from new make spirit through to the very limited edition 1975, as well as describing the very traditional production techniques used at the Knockdhu Distillery.
A truly unmissable experience and in the words of Jim Murray, world renowned whisky expert, as "a malt that should adorn the shelf of every whisky drinking home".
You will taste....
1975 - The last of this very special and limited release, again selected at the right time to ensure a perfectly balanced knockdhu experience.
"Prize Raffle: We are delighted to offer the opportunity for one of the whisky enthusiasts at our Masterclass to win a bottle of recently released an Cnoc 16 Year Old. All that is needed to enter is to place your name card, or a sheet of paper with your name and email address, into the box provided at the event."
MC 9 / Yamazaki Distillery SOLD OUT 13:30 ~ 14:30 Room C (606) Yamazaki Distillery's tradition and innovation Suntory Chief Blender Seiichi Koshimizu(In Japanese) Yamazaki, the representative single malt of Japan, celebrates 25 years of sales as a single malt this March. Koshimizu Chief Blender will introduce the various different styles of malt produced at Yamazaki and explain some of the secrets behind the development of a new product. Through sampling various cask samples, we hope that you will appreciate and enjoy the depth and variety of Yamazaki. and to taste some whiskies not yet released onto the market.
MC 10 / The Scotch Malt Whisky Society. SOLD OUT 13:30 ~ 14:30 Room D (605) The Secrets of the Society Dave Broom See what makes the Society the world's largest whisky club, with nearly 30,000 members in 15 countries. Dave Broom is your guide as we unravel some of the secrets that have made the "official-independent" bottler single cask, cask-strength whiskies over the past 25 years.
MC 11 / Arran Distillery SOLD OUT 13:30 ~ 14:30 Room E (101) Arran: the best is yet to come. Euan Mitchell With the official 12yo recently released and the first-ever peated expression just about to hit the market, there's a lot happening at the Isle of Arran Distillery. Despite its short history, Arran already has a Whisky Magazine "Scottish Distillery of the Year" award already under its belt, but as MD Euan Mitchell explains, the best is yet to come.
MC 12 / Tomatin Distillery 16:00 ~ 17:00 Room A (608) DirectorMr. Robert Anderson Robert Anderson is a director with Tomatin. He joined the company in 1988 and takes pride in being actively involved in the company’s continuing development. No stranger to the Scotch whisky industry, Robert spent 5 years with one of the major UK malting supply companies in Scotland. Robert is keen to support the Tomatin.
MC 13 / Hakushu Distillery 16:00 ~ 17:00 Room B (607) Enjoy the fascinating constituents of Hakushu Whisky from the distillery of the forest. Hisashi Maemura - Distillery Manager(In Japanese) Sample the clear and fruity Hakushu spirit as distillery manager Maemura Hisashi explains about the Hakushu production process. You will have the opportunity to enjoy the distinctive freshness of the Hakushu character.
MC 14 / Chocolate & Whisky SOLD OUT 16:00 ~ 17:00 Room C (606) Single Malt & Chocolate marriage Dave Broom Whisky Magazine Japan Editor and world-renown drinks critic Dave Broom and Sweets Planner Ms. Sanae Hirata, representative of K.K.Potluck, will host this Masterclass, matching the finest whiskies with a selection of luxury chocolates. As single malts have different aromas and tastes dependent upon the distiller or the climate, so chocolates also exhibit great variety. This class will introduce Yamazaki, Hakushu, Macallan, Bowmore & Glenfiddich whiskies, plus a special malt, and we will endeavor to find the best marriage.
MC 15 / BenRiach Distillery 16:00 ~ 17:00 Room D (605) BenRiach: Making waves in Whisky Billy Walker & James Cowan With his recent purchase of Glendronach Distillery, Billy Walker continues to make waves in the world of whisky. Hear about what's happening at his first purchase- BenRiach Distillery- which was recently voted Whisky Magazine's "Scottish Distillery of the Year 2009". Samples include a new sherried 12yo and an intensely-peated expression.
MC 16 / Springbank Distillery SOLD OUT 16:00 ~ 17:00 Room E (101) What's in store at Springbank Frank McHardy & Pete Currie. Hitting the headlines in 2008 with its controversial decision to temporarily halt production, Springbank Distillery is never far from the news. Today Production Director Frank MacHardy and Sales Executive Pete Currie give you a glimpse of tomorrow's news with pre-launch samples, including a 12yo Hazelburn and an 18yo Springbank.
MC 17 / Brewdog Brewery(Paradox) 16:00 ~ 17:00 Room F (102) The mystery and magic of Paradox James Watt Brewdog Brewery came to prominence at Live! 2008 with the launch of its whisky cask-matured Paradox Stout. Today co-founder James Watt reveals for you some of the mystery of this magical transformation and also unveils 2 brand-new expressions matured in casks from a Campbeltown distillery.
Taste the first-ever Paradox ale finished in casks of Springbank and Longrow Campbeltown malts!
At the request of the producers, the room for these 2 Masterclasses has been set up to create a relaxed, authentic bar environment.
Please be aware this means that the majority of participants will be standing.